Exploring the River Front of My Town
Feisal Alkazi and Priti Jain; Centre for Environment Education; pp 93; Rs 100
A central concern of educationists today is how best they can equip the child with skills appropriate for a rapidly changing world. Rather than making children repositories of information, it is more important to improve their skills in areas such as creative thinking, developing multiple solutions to problems, excercising informed judgement,learning how to acquire and evaluate information and how to work well with people from diverse backgrounds. Most of these educational initiatives come in the form of learning through project work. This book demonstrates the 'how' of such a project that was actually carried out, in the specific area of the environment.
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One World
Ed. Radhika Menon and Sandhya Rao;Tulika; pp 88; Rs 80
A collection of writings on the theme of peace, to help children understand and cope with the world around them. The writers featured include Paul Zacharia, Ambai, Ashokamitran and Safdar Hashmi.
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Four Heroes and A Haunted House
Narayan Gangopadhyay; Tara; pp 114; Rs 80
A novel by the well-known Bengali writer Narayan Gangopadhyay, the story features Tenida, one of the best-loved characters in Bengali children's fiction. Four friends spend their holidays in a remote bungalow and are plunged into a set of absurd adventures.
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A Pilgrimage to Kashi
Gol;Indica Books; pp 76; Rs 275
This beautifully illustrated book is aimed at the urban youth. Comics have always been a great tool by which one can convey complex ideas in a simple,enjoyable way. In this case the artist uses the form of the visual narrative to engage our interest.
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