Mirza Ghalib - A Creative Biography
Natalia Prigarina; Oxford; pp 361; Rs 495
A biography of possibly the greatest nineteenth century subcontinental poet. The main motifs of the book are the poet's destiny and creative work..
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Out of Place
Edward W. Said; Viking; pp 295; Rs 500
Out of Place is a record of an essentially lost or forgotten world, that of my early years…several years ago I received what seemed to be a fatal medical diagnosis, and it therefore struck me as important to leave behind a subjective account of the life I have lived in the Arab world where I was born and spent my formative years
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Garland Around My Neck
Patwant Singh and Harinder Kaur Sekhon; UBSPD; pp 173; Rs 495
This is the story of " a rare humanist whose passionate concerns gave dignity and hope to thousands of men and women. A barefoot colossus who strode the century-or at least 88 years of it -he left a legacy of concern and compassion. The book is rich in ancecdotal details about Puran Singh and photographs of Pingalwara, an institution he established in Amritsar for the disabled, destitute, mentally challenged and the hopelessly afflicted.
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Vijay Tendulkar
Katha; pp 150; Rs 200
An insightful selection of lectures by Tendulkar and essays on his works by scholars and critics. "For the last forty five years I have been writing sitting in newspaper offices, in the roadside restaurants, on the crowded running local trains and when my living space did not allow me to be by myself and write, I have written sitting in the bathroom….The urge to write has not been simply an urge to weild the pen…rather a need to discover, to express, to assert, to reveal and occasionally to explode."
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Mary Craig; Harper Collins; pp 394; Rs 195
No rags-to-riches story is more remarkable than the tale of how a young Tibetan farmer's son was plucked from obscurity to become the Dalai Lama. Mary Craig's compelling account is the first to portray in detail how his extraordinary destiny affected his parents, four brothers and two sisters. Two-year-old Lhamo Dhondup's life and that of his family changed dramatically as they adjusted to the fact that he was now His Holiness, or Kundun – meaning, The Presence; a reincarnation of thirteen previous Dalai Lamas.
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