Dharampal Collected Writings Vol. 1 through Vol.5
Other India Press; pp 268; Rs 1300
The books are a minefield of little known, important facts. Vol 1 . speaks of Indian Science and Technology in the eighteenth century. Vol. 2 tells of Civil Disobediance in the Indian Tradition, Vol.3 The Beautiful Tree is about Indian Indigenous education in the eighteenth century.

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An Intimate History of Humanity
Theodore Zeldin;Penguin; pp 416; Rs 295
The list of contents reads: How humans have repeatedly lost hope, and how new encounters, and a new pair of spectacles, revive them; how men and women have slowly learned to have interesting conversations; how some people have acquired an immunity to loneliness; how respect has become more desirable than power; how people have freed themselves from fear by finding new fears; how travellers are becoming the largest nation in the world, and how they have learned not to see only what they are looking for; why people have not been able to find the time to lead several lives; how humans become hospitable to each other.

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