The Political Economy of Hunger
The Political Economy of Hunger
Ed. Jean Dreze, Amartya Sen, Athar Hussain; Oxford; pp 626; Rs 495
This book is a classic analysis of an extraordinary paradox: in a world of food surpluses and satiety, hunger kills millions more each year than do wars or political repression….this collection of essays addresses policy issues, relating to the role of public action in combating deprivation in the modern world....covers topics like the characteristics and causal antecedants of famine and endemic deprivation.

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The Reality of Foreign Investments
Kavaljit Singh;Madhyam; pp 83; Rs 80
The report lists a few major reasons for German investments in India…availability of cheap labour, toothless labour legislations, India's huge domestic market of goods and services, and India's lax environmental and public health regulations.

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