Movies and Methods vol. 1 and II
Ed. Bill Nichols;Seagull Books;pp 640; Rs 275
The anthology brings together a comprehensive selection of theoretical work on film, including work by the most original film thinkers and important filmmakers. It addresses questions like the nature of film genres, the role of the auter in the creative process, the logic of narrative, etc.

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Sholay. The Making of a Classic
Anupama Chopra;Penguin;Rs295
In this book, the author tells the fascinating story of how a four-line idea grew to become the greatest blockbuster of Indian cinema. Starting with the tricky process of casting, moving on to the actual filming over two years in a barren, rocky landscape,and finally the first few weeks after the film's release when the audience stayed away and the trade declared it a flop, this is a story as dramatic and entertaining as Sholay itself.

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Time and Dreams
John W. Hood;Seagull Books;pp156; Rs175
Art cinema in Bengal has a considerable reputation with masters like Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen establishing a reputation for originality and artistic integrity. Poet and Filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta upholds this tradition with his sensitive films which have won critical kudos and awards at national and international film festivals. This volume takes a close look at his feature films,tracing significant themes and motifs through the oeuvre. A complete filmography and list of published works are also included.

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The Secret Politics of Our Desires
Ed. Ashis Nandy;Oxford;pp 259; Rs395
Even other Indian industrialists are dismissive toward film producers….What does this immensely successful but slighted industrial product stand for, politically and culturally?

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