Strangers of the Mist
Sanjoy Hazarika; Penguin; pp 389; Rs 250
The Northeast has been described as Asia in miniature, a place where the brown and yellow races meet and mingle. Its people have a fear of being swamped by modern nation-states that bother little about small communities but pay more attention to 'strategic' considerations sucha s the natural resources of the area…These days,those of the area are grappling with changes that the modern age relentlessly brings. And its is these changes and alienation that are at the root of the militancy, the insurgencies, the desperation and the growing violence.

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No Aging in India
Lawrence Cohen;Oxford; pp 367; Rs 545
No Aging in India takes us from a study of aging to the idea of 'age' itself. Demographically, we live in an aging world. But the 'problem' of old people is much more complicated than simply one of statistics, economics, or even biology. Nor is it one that can be explained away by the breakdown of traditional joint family systems. In an award-winning book. Cohen brings together insights from medical anthropology, psychoanalysis, and contemporary cultural studies, to examine the meaning of 'bodies in time'. He draws on extensive research with families in Varanasi(Banaras), and examples from Indian cinema, advertising and popular medicine, to examine the repercussions of international gerontology and the marketing of drugs on old people, their families and wider social norms in India.

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