Picturing Words and Reading Pictures
Gita Wolf; Tara; pp 52; Rs 150
This book is the first critical exploration of illustration and children's literature from an Indian's perspective. It argues the need for a radical change in the way the children's book is created. Interviews with prominent artists, placed alongside the text provide a counterpoint.

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Danger: School
Babette Harper, Claudius Ceccon, Miguel e Rosiska Darcy de Oliviera; Other India Press; pp 100; Rs 60
Danger School deals with the School, the ever-present institution of the modern industrial society.The questions raised concern the educational system in India which have been influenced by the West European model..

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The Open Classroom. A journey through education
K.T. Margaret;Orient Longman; pp 203; Rs 125
K.T. Margaret believes that life is an open classroom and education a process that takes place continuously through a person's life. Through experiments and initiatives of social activists worldwide, she presents alternatives and creative ways of working within the system..

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See With the Blind
Edited by Gunawathy Fernandez; Books for Change; pp 307; Rs 250
A collection of essays written by blind people and by practicing national and international experts. The book addresses issues such as education of children with visual impairment, management of educational programmes, higher education, inclusive education, teaching curriculum, learning mathematics, daily living skills, physical education, role of voluntary orgainisatons.

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