Uncollected Poems and Prose A.K. Ramanujan
Ed. Molly Daniels-Ramanujan and Keith Harrison; Oxford; pp 107; Rs 325
Poet, translator, folklorist A.K. Ramanujan has been recognized as a preeminent scholar of South Asian language and culture. The book contains unpublished work as well as interviews with various academics and friends discussing subjects such as exile, the politics of language, his relationship to his father, and his own writing. Folktales, Shakespeare…Ramanujan's political self.
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The Singing Bow. Song-poems of the Bhil.
Trans.& Illust. Ranjit Khare; Harper Collins; pp 262; Rs 295
Here are song-poems that express the robust spirit of the Bhil tribe, rich with legend, folklore and the eternal experiences of birth, sexual discovery, marriage, death and after-life. Translated directly from various dialects into English, the song-poems were originally recorded over nearly two decades,…from live renditions by Bhil bards and group singers living in settlements in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
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A Chance Beyond Bombs*
Haya Hoffman; Penguin; pp119; Rs 200
The people of Israel have withstood many years of war and strife.The nation's inner strength and spiritual values derive largely from its poets and intellectuals. When Dom Moraes visited Israel in 1961, he collaborated with the poet T. Carmi in translating a number of poems. These poems are inspired by a deep sorrow at the loss of human life and a willingness to embrace the enemy in peace.
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