Sources of Natural Dyes in India
K.V. Chandramouli;PPST Foundation; pp 116; Rs 120
There are numerous dye yielding sources that have remained unidentified because their regional names are yet unknown to the wider society. This book lists regional names of some five hundred natural dye-sources in languages including, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi,
Gujarati, Bengali and Oriya. It is a compilation of 465 plants,30 lichens,8 animal and 6 mineral sources of dyes found throughout India, including some very rare species

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Heritage. Traditional Border Collection.
K. Prakash;The Design Point; pp 159; Rs 2500
This is an exhaustive collection of some of the most beautiful and unique traditional border designs found in India. Painstakingly collected from all over the country,each border design,reflects its history and culture in its pattern.

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Embroidery from India and Pakistan
Sheila Paine;The British Museum Press; pp 87; Rs 950
Focusing on over twenty textiles from the British Museum's fabulous collection, this book explores the wonderful folk embroidery of India and Pakistan-in particular the domestic work made by women for their own dowry or family. The author brings the pieces to life by setting them within their social and cultural context, including information on the protective and talismanic roles of embroidery and the tribal variations in stitch, pattern and colour.

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Traditional Indian Textiles
John Gillow and Nicholas Barnard;Thames and Hudson; pp 160; Rs 1095
The book offers a detailed region by region account of traditional textile production, examining the cultural background : the history, the materials, and the techniques-weaving, printing, painting and tie and dye. An array of pictures and a detailed reference section are included.

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