Back in 1991, People Tree started life as a design studio-cum- shop in New Delhi . The products featured on this site are current examples of the kind of things we have been designing and trading for over a decade.

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Here, rich and meditative arts traditions collide with shiny plastic instant cheapness. Ochre and madder jostle with fluorescent pink.

Some things die, and sometimes we weep. Sometimes we pick up the pieces and join them in new ways.

Browse through these inventive and irreverent examples of urban-folk, industrial-pop design. We create alternatives to globalised monopolies and branded "hipness", working with the exciting cross-currents of the contemporary South Asian milieu.

About Hand-crafted Products

Wherever possible, we use natural, non-toxic and bio-degradable materials. We are committed to the promotion of hand skills, self-expression and quality workmanship.