Natural Healing through Ayurveda
Dr. Subhash Ranade; Motilal Banarsidass; pp 238; Rs 135
Natural healing discusses Ayurveda, as a wholistic healing system. It also tells of Marma or Ayurvedic pressure points. Health regimes, treatment methods, herbal formulas, panchkarma, obesity, rejuvenation etc.

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My Own Country-A Doctor's story
Abraham Verghese;Penguin; pp 238; Rs 295
Working in Johnson City was Abraham Verghese, a young Indian doctor specialising in infectious diseases. Dr. Verghese became by necessity the local Aids expert,soon besieged by a shocking number of male and female patients whose stories came to occupy his mind, and even take over his life.
Verghese brought a singular perspective to Johnson City: as a doctor unique in his abilities; as an outsider who could talk to people suspicious of local practitioners; above all, as a writer of grace and compassion who saw that what was happening in this conservative community was both a medical and a spiritual emergency. Out of his experience comes a startling but ultimately uplifting portrait of the American heartland as it confronts--and surmounts--its deepest prejudices and fears.

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Sex Lies and Aids
Siddharth Dube;Harper Collins; pp 156; Rs 195
Demolishing the stock stereotypes about Indians being asexual and government claims that the epidemic is being controlled, acclaimed writer and health expert Siddharth Dube shows why as many as 4 crore Indians may be infected by the AIDS virus by 2005. Already 50 lakh are infected, the largest number of any country. Why has our government failed to prevent this….Why is the average Indian so vulnerable? What can you do to protect yourself or your family or friends? Simply written. Also, cartoons by Mario.

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Patient's Rights
A. Sampath Kumar;Hemkunt; pp 92; Rs 100
The best way to get better service is to educate the customer. Medical practice in India and all over the world is deteriorating due to commercialization. If patients choose their doctors with an awareness of patient rights, medical care will become more compassionate. Today there is no law which provides for the rights of a patient in India. In the United States and Europe efforts are being made to convert patient's rights into action in the form of legislation….The book offers advice regarding choice of physician, hospital and how to obtain quality care

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The Second Heads and Tails
Maneka Gandhi;Other India Press; pp 187; Rs75
A major part of the book tells of the battles against the Idgah slaughter house in Delhi, the Deonar slaughter house in Bombay and the Al Kabeer slaughter house in Andhra Pradesh . It reveals horrific sheep rearing practices and presents persuasive arguments to promote vegetarianism, and documents the hazards of eating non-vegetarian food. The book also includes enchanting stories of vegetarian lions!

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