Contemporary Art in India. A perspective
Pran Nath Mago;National Book Trust; pp 226; Rs 250
The book unfolds the origin and development of contemporary Indian art. Covering the last 150 years, the book focuses on the different artistic and stylistic genres and art movements which have enriched the Indian art scenario over the years
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The Creative Circuit
K.G. Subramanyam; pp 226; Rs 250
In a world where we talk of one man being equal to another, or of each person having latent creative potential, and are able to see aesthetic qualities in street graffiti and feel the poetry and punch of common speech, to think of art as a privileged commodity to be bought and sold by the affluent and to be communed with by a handful of specialists is , to say the least, anachronistic. . . But if one thinks of art in terms of communication (even if it privileged communication), it radically changes the horizons. . . The advantage of this is that while the commodity model tries to bind an artist to one mode of expression (or commodity profile), making him a specialist, the communication model ( in analogy with literature) gives him the flexibility of reaching out at various levels of expression….to various kinds of people.
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Spices and Souls
Unny; DC Books; pp 130; Rs 595
Someone up there must surely have mixed feelings about this place. He gave Kerala a great geography and carpet-bombed it with history. From times difficult to date, the region has seen a steady stream of men engaged in every conceivable pursuit from business to pleasure. Exporters, invaders,proselytisers, traders, travellers, town planners, tourists and sundry seekers of well-being and nirvana. Now I join this formidable array with my sketchbook. But then, I belong to that special breed of non-resident Keralites….."

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City of Djinns: An Album
Agnes Montanari and Nathalie Trouveroy;Harper Collins; pp 124; Rs 450
I had just arrived in Delhi, eighteen months ago, when a friend gave me " City of Djinns" to read, and my love for the city started there and then. An idea for an album inspired by that grew and took shape with passages of text to match.
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A Retake of Amrita
Vivan Sundaram;Tulika; pp 56; Rs 400
Retake of Amrita is a book of 38 photomontages by Vivan Sundaram, with a preface and annotation by the artist-author. Vivan enters the space of the Sher-Gil homes and makes the members of the family enact (and re-enact) moments. The central axis of the 'cinematic plot' is the relationship between the father, Umrao Singh Sher-gil, and the artist-daughter, Amrita Sher-Gil

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