They Call Me Member Sahib
Bharti Tekchandani, Kiran Jyoti, Priti Sharma; Marg; pp 405; Rs 400
Who expected Anandi Joshi to become a doctor in 1887? Who could have predicted Pandita Ramabai, or…the Rani of Jhansi?…over the years women have been elected to Panchayati Raj Institutions in many States. It remains to be seen…how they were using this new opportunity…The purpose of the 73rd amendment was to facilitate…. One thing is certain, there is no going back. Women will learn about the outside world, they will learn t question and to challenge, where there was a wall now there is a door , or, are we, as always, going to make it difficult by keeping the door locked a little longer

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A Question of Silence?
Ed. Mary e. John and Janaki Nair;Kali for Women; pp 412; Rs 420
Has there been a 'conspiracy of silence' regarding sexuality in India, be it within social movements or as a focus of scholarship? From unravelling the Kamasutra(the text) to investigating KamaSutra(the condom) the volume includes essays on how sexuality has been framed by the law, within social movements, or has been the site of patrolled caste, ethnic or gender identities.

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Legally Dispossessed
Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay;Kali for Women; pp 246; Rs 180
This study of women's experiences of litigation under personal laws (those that cover marriage and inheritance) raises vital questions of identity and citizenship in Indian democracy and throws new light on the uniform civil code debate.
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Militarism and Women in South Asia
Anuradha M. Chenoy;Kali for Women; pp 184; Rs 250
National security and militarism have traditionally been male domains …this book traces the course of militarism in several South Asian states, with a more detailed account of women's experiences of it in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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Yaarana: Gay writing from India
Ed. Hoshang Merchant;Penguin; pp 211; Rs 200
From Ashok Row Kavi's autobiographical piece on growing up gay in Bombay to Vikram Seth's brilliantly etched account of a homosexual encounter in The Golden Gate, Mahesh Dattani's play 'Night Queen' and poems by R. Raj Rao etc. There are translated works as well as...
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Facing the Mirror. Lesbian Writing from India
Ed. Ashwini Sukthankar;Penguin; pp 409; Rs 295
For years Indian Lesbians have borne silent witness to distorted reflections of their reality. Here they choose to look themselves in the eye.

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The Third sex and Human Rights
Rajesh Talwar;Gyan; pp 215; Rs 385
In this book the author has made a unique comparative study of the human rights abuses and legal problems faced by member of the 'third sex' in the West and India. Includes relevant documents as annexures, as well as extracts from the international human rights treaties.

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