Dam Vs Drinking Water
L.C. Jain; Parisar; pp 131; Rs 75
The book examines the ideology of the Majority Judgement, its presumptions and knowledge base, and raises questions such as " How was the availability of Narmada Waters determined?", and how the petition and petitioner were treated…
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The Impact of Environmental Degradation on People
Philip Viegas, Geeta Menon; Indian Social Institute; pp 81; Rs 70
" The world environment has reached a crucial stage and the natural resources have been expeloited far beyond their maximum sustainable limits. But natural consequences that have followed have been disregarded by the processes of industrial development.
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Meanings of Agriculture
Edited by Peter Robb; Oxford ; pp 389; Rs 495
….leading historians and economists from India and the West consider the conditions and purposes governing the practices and understandings of South Asian Agriculture." " (It) advocates a rethinking of the connections between the different forms and functions of agriculture in practice, and the theoretical analysis of agriculture-related issues, especially economic change and development.
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