The End of a Trail. The Cheetah in India.
Divya Bhanusinh; Banyan Books; pp 248; Rs 750
Often confused with the leopard. This work traces the Cheetah from prehistoric times through history, to its ultimate extinction on the Indian Subcontinent, in our own century. The author has painstakingly searched for the cheetah in Indus seals, …literature, Indian paintings and photographs…' The book also describes the highly developed art of trapping, training and hunting with cheetahs…, a comparison with the cheetah from Africa, the causes of its extinction in India and the prospects of its reintroduction in its former homeland.
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A Birdwatchers' guide to India
Krys Kazmierczak and Raj Singh; Oxford; pp 337; Rs 395
A selective bird list, areas of natural history interest, details of distribution and status of uncommon birds , accurate site maps. Extensive information on permits, where to stay, how to get there, best time to visit, and strategies for finding the most interesting birds and other wildlife at each site…information on health, climate and clothing.
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Elephant Days and nights
Raman Sukumar; Oxford ; pp 184; Rs 250
" The Elephant is a keystone biological species in tropical forests across Asia, …this is the story of their ecology, social behaviour, interactions with people, and the problems they face.
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