Human Development Report 2001
UNDP; Oxford; pp368; Rs 475
Technology networks are transforming the traditional map of development, expanding people's horizons and creating the potential to realize in a decade progress that required generations in the past. The report focuses on the opportunities and challenges of today's technological transformations from developing countries' point of view. Links technology and human development, provides a strong analysis of the need for global initiatives and policies.
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The Road back to Nature
Masanobu Fukuoka; Bookventure; pp 377; Rs 300
" In this collection of articles, lectures and essays, Fukuoka records his impressions of man's role in the creation of vast deserts and proposes ways to reverse this tide of ecological devastation .
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Life on the Edge
N.S. Jodha; Oxford; pp 327; Rs 595
The themes covered include famine, food security,agricultural sustainability, common property resources and traditional systems of natural resource management. The essays examine the viability of community based resource management initiatives.
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The Radiant Raindrops of Rajasthan
Anupam Mishra; RFSTE; pp 143; Rs 150
The book tells us how, down the centuries, the ingenuity and patience of people made it possible for life to be maintained in the desert, by applying their technical knowledge to collect each and every drop.
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Tanks of South India
Ed. A. Vaidyanathan; CSE; pp 178; Rs 490
The irrigation tanks of south India embody an ancient and rich tradition of harnessing local rainfall and stream flow for agriculture. For long these were the dominant sources of irrigation. This book provides an overview of the evolution and role of tank irrigation in Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, also provides an idea of the variations between and within tanks.
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