The Select Nonsense of Sukumar Ray
Translated by Sukanta Chaudhari;Oxford; pp 62; Rs 145
Sukumar Ray is one of the greatest children's writers in Bengali, and undoubtedly the finest writer of nonsense tales and verse in the language. This translation is the first attempt at presenting Sukumar Ray's chief work in a single volume in English. The original illustrations have been reproduced, and the introduction is by Satyajit Ray--Sukumar's son.
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Imaging the Other
Ed. Sara Rai and G J V Prasad; Katha; pp 208; Rs 175
The book is an anthology of short stories to be read from both ends. One end begins with stories written by women with men as the primary protagonists. The other end begins with stories authored by men with women as main protagonists. All of the stories are translations from various Indian languages.
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Mapping Memories.
Ed. Sukrita Paul Kumar, Muhammad Ali Siddiqui; Katha; pp 225; Rs 175
India and Pakistan: 1947 witnessed a " bi-partite birth" and death-and the resumption of life by a people divided, surviving to tell stories of " then and now". Stories continue to be born, mapping memories in both India and Pakistan-two countries bound by a common past and a contested afterlife." ' The book contains a collection of short stories translated from Urdu…which contains within itself the old Indo-Persian art of storytelling.
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