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  gurpreet sidhu : the soul proprietor     sunny : the man with the silver shirt
chery : the counsellor with blue spectacles   orijit : bringin chaos to an orderly world.   meeta : the mistress of dyes
simran : the girl with the far-away eyes. nicky : crafting magic from the images of streets.   Dharmender : the kite paper man  
  annie : the mastermind   ajmal : the original t-shirt painter. salil : have wheels, will travel.
  manohar : the jharkhandi tantric.     rajuji : bringing order to a chaotic world.
sutanu : paradise eye-catcher. raghunath : rangrez   arpana : the gazelle who runs up and down.  
ritu : the flexible backbone.   govind : master craftsman of the people tree.   shakeel : taking theatre to the streets.
  shahid : all he touches turns gold.   dabu : batik, blues and booze.  
rajkumar : jhooth kahe ko bole ?   sonia : the smiling queen of crochette. arjun : would like to get lost. chetan : living life on the edge.


A mimic. One time aspiring classical vocalist, with a voice that still can strum…Antsy. Langugage molester Shahid…is a Calcuttan Delhiite who whips life up and makes it spin.
Project concocting Artist/Photographer/Designer. His passion is his camera or else whatever he may happen to be doing …beating down original forms of jewellery….creating sets… designing architectural details, painting tshirts, talking to children, or just talking or drinking tea. His photography projects include lingerie displays from lajpat nagar to kamla nagar, old cars, connaught place, cinema houses. Shahid is a compulsive collector, one day to respectably be a -------------. He owns old film posters, matchbox collections that've made it to city news… junkyard typewriters, bottles, boxes…

At People Tree… Recently he put together a collection of popular art pieces for people tree … from kajal boxes to 'vote for' badges to 'god-image' greetings. Shahid's graphics and humor- spotting eye grabs the dustiest little thing in the nookiest corner of a crummy shop. He has also done a stint of vegetable dying/block design for People Tree……

- Cherry