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gurpreet sidhu : the soul proprietor



sunny : the man with the silver shirt

chery : the counsellor with blue spectacles


orijit : bringin chaos to an orderly world.


meeta : the mistress of dyes

simran : the girl with the far-away eyes.

nicky : crafting magic from the images of streets.


Dharmender : the kite paper man



annie : the mastermind


ajmal : the original t-shirt painter.

salil : have wheels, will travel.




manohar : the jharkhandi tantric.



rajuji : bringing order to a chaotic world.

sutanu : paradise eye-catcher.

raghunath : rangrez


arpana : the gazelle who runs up and down.


ritu : the flexible backbone.


govind : master craftsman of the people tree.


shakeel : taking theatre to the streets.


shahid : all he touches turns gold.


dabu : batik, blues and booze.


rajkumar : jhooth kahe ko bole ?


sonia : the smiling queen of crochette.

arjun : would like to get lost.

chetan : living life on the edge.

Salil the indomitablesalil chaturvedi

“With Salil by your side, you feel that anything is possible. He will always find a way to do things, and do them right. His focus on the needs and goals of any undertaking is unwavering, just as is his fierce determination to live by his own terms. He writes and plays excellent music, sculpts insightful poetry in English and Hindi, and plays a continuing role in the struggle to provide improved facilities and rights to the disabled in India. Comical, sharp-witted and imaginative, he has a penchant for taking life into unexpected by-lanes and detours, sojourns from which you invariably return enriched.”          



Using a wheelchair since an accident suffered during his last year in school, Salil has not let that, or the consequent halt to his academic career, prevent him from achieving many of his dreams. A gymnast in school, Salil has represented India in wheelchair tennis; he does professional voice-overs and has composed songs and music for radio, television and CD-ROM projects; he works with disabled rights groups attempting to bring to light the needs and desires of the disabled in India; these are just some of the variegated interests which he has. As a partner of Splash! Communications, which works together with People Tree’s graphic design arm, Salil helps conceptualise, prepare content for, design and execute projects in media ranging from print to multimedia to the Internet.


Salil’s blog.