"I have a natural interest in jewellery. As kids it was paper jewellery exchanges with a cousin or two, later in school it was friendship bands. I have never been to design school, but I've picked up a lot along the way, from people, and from the various materials that I find.
For me learning has been a process of discovery rather than a handed down tradition. I enjoy starting with threads and coming upon a weave. Sometimes it can take months to create a weave, but time is irrelevant when I am knotting and unknotting strands. My mind literally comes together when I am working on my jewellery designs."
Nuts, bolts, industrial tidbits of brass and other material as embellishments are an easy extension of my comfort in opening up and fixing radios, stabilizers and other electrical equipment or components.

The shapes are frequently bold and basic, cylindrical or rectangular etc,...with a deep earthy glow... they have a lot of expressive potential, which I try to bring out .....

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